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"Dream is Incubated Innovation."

- Caroline Shalitari



Escola Politénica da USP and Unicamp dropout, Caroline got used to following her dreams since early.

At the age of nine, she awakened her talents for leadership and coaching while supporting scouts brothers and sisters from different social classes in her small hometown of Resende-RJ. She has supported them in finding their talents, identifying and overcoming fears, and developing soft and hard skills, all while contributing to the success of the team as a whole - inside and outside of Scouting.

Scout leader and exceptional student, Caroline often says that she became a psychologist and coach even before graduating from high school.

dream of being military

Caroline became Official in the Merchant Navy and worked as a ship's pilot for 367 days aboard Offshore Support Vessels in the Atlantic Ocean. And, again, thirsty for purpose and to be able to apply all her talents to helping people, she left the Navy.


With multiple talents and passions,

it was challenging to find the “one thing”.

He soon discovered that Creativity and Spiritual Connection could be subjects to be studied and developed, and he invested all his time and resources into it.  What a made him travel to places most innovative on the planet:  Condor Blanco Mountain in Chile and Silicon Valley in California.


She graduated as a Career and Business Coach in 2017 and has since supported dozens of smart young people to discover their life purpose and build a career and life they deserve. Graduating from the top of the Chilean Andes in a modern shamanic culture made the basis of his work become values such as honor, reconnection with inner nature, unconditional love and evolution.

Caroline moved to San Francisco, California, and plunged  into the epicenter of creativity that is Silicon Valley.

She Couchsurfed for months to protest gentrification, developed startups, coached social entrepreneurs by the United Nations, danced professionally, attended art and design meetings, and graduated with a Masters in International Business and a concentration in Disruptive Innovation. She has also worked for a large company within Google and as a Business Developer in other startups, such as , Global Minds Work Local and Global Technology Symposium.

After a solitary retreat in Mount Shasta, she developed what is now AWAKE Strategy Coaching and Consulting, whose mission is to train high-potential leaders to create genuine positive impact through business.
She does this by guiding courageous professionals to have Clarity of their Mission, have Professional Fulfillment and generate Positive Impact

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