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no more doubts
about career!

create your Dream Career aligning life mission, financial return and social impact

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Discover your mission
and build your dream career with impact strategy




Ryan Glassmoyer
Intuitive Healer and Teacher, Life and Wellness Coach, Creative

"With Caroline's help, I clarified my calling and was able to turn it into a scalable business that quadrupled profits in 3 weeks and today I have passive income coming from what I truly love to do."

what you  
  will learn...

  • Having Clarity of your Dream and having a project to make it come true

  • Have your Mission and Vision defined

  • Outline a strategic plan to fulfill this Mission towards this Vision in the short, medium and long term

  • Plan a project worth investing in the next years of your career

  • Your Personal Values, which guide your decisions

  • Your Talents, Gifts, Skills (your natural tools) to apply to your dream career

  • Your Shadows and Traps that hold you back and how to deal with them

  • Have focus, discipline and determination towards your true dreams

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Social Business Model Strategies

  • Go to market strategy

  • Landing your dream job

  • and much more...

Our pillars

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it's for you  

  • Is not fulfilled with your current career

  • Want to make a positive impact through your career

  • You lose sleep thinking about what your next career and life step should be

  • Want to discover your life mission and undertake it

  • Want to focus on understanding each other better to make better decisions in life and business

  • Want to be clear about which idea is best to undertake and invest at least the next 5 years of your life

  • Are tired of seeing soulless companies and want to found your own or bring that spirit into your current company

meet your




Life and Career Mission Mentor

Caroline Shalitari is a Life and Business Mission Mentor trained in the Chilean Andes and Silicon Valley - a mix of self-knowledge, spirituality and innovation.

Worked as a coach and business consultant for the UN working directly with social entrepreneurs in Africa, worked in a Silicon Valley Social Impact Startup Incubator seeking business solutions to real social problems in Silicon Valley, also worked for a technology startup (Microsoft Partner) solving technology and people management problems from small startups to giant corporations and for Google through VACO in Palo Alto. Today, a Master in International Business and Disruptive Innovation from the Hult International Business School, she is dedicated to the AWAKE Strategy, the first Nascente (Pre-Incubator of Founders) in the world, whose mission is to train leaders with great potential to create a genuine positive impact through Business.




Teacher, Consultant, Investor and Disruptor

Phil Dillard is a veteran of the US Navy and has become a successful consultant, entrepreneur, educator, and investor. Phil is the founder and CEO of Global Minds Work Local (Global Minds) and incubator of venture funded Social Enterprise startups.
Global Minds exists to create Social Enterprises and is positioned to be a global catalyst for modern Impact Investing and social entrepreneurship. The mission is to create companies that meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, building companies that are impactful, scalable and profitable. Phil led training and development for Eric Ries' Lean Startup company, leading Lean Startup training seminars and workshops around the world. He is the founder of a strategy, innovation and project management firm (Black Ant Consulting) and co-founder of VETCON. He has also held positions at consulting firms such as director and program manager at BMNT, mentor at Stanford University and UC Berkeley.



CEO & Whatever at 49Educação

Leandro Piazza made a career as a university professor and educational manager, working for more than eight years at UNISUL - Universidade do Sul do Estado de Santa Catarina.

His first experience as an executive manager was at Grupo RBS, where he worked for four years before starting his journey as an entrepreneur at the startup Play Sports.

In 2019, he moved to Silicon Valley to participate in the Accelerate Your Startup Idea program at Stanford University and found 49Educação.

Leandro is passionate about active learning methodologies and works to bridge the gap between academic theories and the market. It has already applied its business development methodology with more than 400 university students and entrepreneurs.

Montanhas nebulosas

Giovana Bergara

Manager at the Attorney General's Office

"Caroline Shalitari supported me to have clarity of my Big Dream! And today I work day after day with focus and determination, because today I know what I want."

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 11.23.48

Fernando Marengo

Electronic Engineer, PhD, Developer, Entrepreneur and Coach

"We are developing state-of-the-art wellness technology and Caroline has supported us in having a different perspective and strategy to leverage our hardware and business model."

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 10.35.32

Marcello Vitor
Multinational Manager

"I learned to keep my self-observer turned on and make better decisions in life and in the company to improve the quality of life for my employees."


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Lawyer and CEO of INFINITY Magazine

Gabriela Barreto is a humanitarian lawyer, founder of the International Law Talks Association, CEO of Infinity Magazine, GB Academy, GB Editora, co-author, mentor, teacher, speaker, creator of the events Vinho & Lei, Cerveja & Toga and organizer of the work "Empreendedoras da Lei , the Women who are reinventing the Law in Brazil".
Professor de impact of technology in conflict resolution, jurimetria, contracts, female protagonism, social transformation, among others.

and others...



Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?

Before knowing what YOU want, we have to know who YOU are.

2. inherent tools

Discover the tools you already have to create the life of your dreams and impact people's lives: talents, dissatisfactions, values, vision and life mission.


Discover your Ideal Career, be it Social Entrepreneur or Conscious Leader within a corporation.


Get to know business strategies to support you to launch yourself in the market, develop discipline and create your unique Roadmap to be your guide in the execution of your Mission.

Is the Pre-Incubator

of the new Global Social Leaders

A Nascent is the first step for an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur to create a transformative and meaningful project before thinking about going to any Incubator or Accelerator, because before Incubating, it must be Born.

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